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Aysha Rigby


Hi! My name is Aysha & I am a reformer and mat Pilates instructor. Movement has the power to heal both body and mind, so I incorporate intentional and intuitive movement through mind to body connection in all of my classes. Our bodies are already equipped with the foundations needed to heal, so we will see and feel the biggest differences as we become more intentional in listening to our bodies! Outside of teaching, I am an esthetician student specializing in facials and facial massage. I love art, music, and my heart is the happiest when I am outside and spending time with people I love!

Kris Magill


Kris discovered Pilates and immediately loved the discipline and benefits of the practice. After a couple years of taking classes and learning the Pilates method, she made the decision to go through training and become a certified instructor. In April of 2021 she became a certified Pilates instructor through Pure Body Teacher Training, and is comprehensively trained in Classical Mat, Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel and Cadillac. She began dancing at the age of three, and loves how dance and Pilates focus on mind/body connections. She has a degree in Dance Education and has been teaching dance for over 30 years. She strives to create classes that focus on form and fun. She has worked with a variety of clients and loves meeting them where they are in their fitness journey, then helping them develop and achieve goals as they progress.

Kristin Griffeth


I’m Kristin, a passionate Pilates instructor and co-owner of Atomic Pilates and Chiropractic alongside my husband, Ryan. As a mother of five, I’ve personally overcome back issues, igniting my dedication to helping others gain strength, resilience, improve mobility, and feel more empowered in their bodies.

My teaching philosophy revolves around “Layered Progressions,” ensuring every client is challenged and empowered, whether they’re recovering from an injury or new to Pilates. And I love teaching small moves that bring the burn!

Riley Brimhall


Fitness and health have become two of my greatest passions that I find so much joy in! I grew up dancing & running with my sisters, I loved the community and friendships it brought me throughout my whole life! After I graduated I got certified as a holistic health coach at IIN (institute for integrative nutrition), which led to me getting certified as a hair scan practitioner with simplesoul! I found Pilates and immediately fell in love with it! I love the fact that you can get a good hard workout in without any expense to your joints! It’s so fun being able to teach and motivate to help others get closer to their own health goals! 

Ryan Griffeth

Massage Therapy, Sports Chiropractic

Meet Ryan Griffeth, a seasoned sports chiropractor and a lifelong runner. As the co-founder of Atomic Pilates and Chiropractic, Ryan’s mission is to help people Feel Better, Move Better, and Live Better through an integrated approach to health and wellness.

Expertise & Experience: With a passion for running and an illustrious athletic background, Ryan Griffeth brings an exceptional level of expertise to his practice. As a former National Champion Steeplechaser and 2nd team All-American in Cross Country during his time at Ricks College, Ryan understands the demands and challenges that athletes, especially runners, face.

Dedicated to Runners: Ryan’s love for running extends beyond his personal achievements. He enjoys working with runners of all levels, from recreational enthusiasts to elite athletes. Having worked with Boise State athletics through his practice in Boise, Ryan has honed his skills in keeping runners on track, addressing their unique concerns, and optimizing their performance.

Our Approach: At Atomic Pilates and Chiropractic, Dr. Ryan combines a blend of advanced techniques to keep runners running strong. From precise chiropractic adjustments to innovative Fascial Distortion techniques, muscle activation, and targeted rehab exercises, he offers comprehensive care to help athletes achieve their goals.

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