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  • Excellent chiropractic care! I not only received adjustments but also exercises to strengthen muscles and prevent future problems. I went in because of bad headaches. Turned out to be a combination of poor posture and stress. I now have the tools to help myself. I have great respect and appreciation for Dr. Griffeth. If you’re in pain, go see him! He will listen, and he WILL help.

    Dorene K.
  • Dr. Griffeth is excellent to work with! He is knowledgeable, kind, and professional. I dealt with shoulder pain for years and he was able to establish a program for me that completely resolved the problem. His goal was to establish a treatment plan to get me better so I didn’t have to come back week after week. As I followed the plan, which was evidence-based and involved specific exercises, I saw steady improvement. I’m so grateful and would recommend Dr. Griffeth to anyone!

    Eric C.
  • Since September of 2022, I have been working with Ryan and Kristin. As I entered my 60’s, I noticed my level of endurance and strength was decreasing. Wanting to stay active, I searched for a program that would help achieve that. Kristin has been great to help me strengthen my core, gain more mobility and confidence. She has worked with me from past injuries, bad knees and lower back.
    Ryan has been a great addition to my overall health. He explains things clearly. He is gentle to get the job done. If you are looking for a place that you are comfortable with zero pressure, I recommend this team!

    Robbin B.
  • I love to try new work-out classes and had been looking for a reformer class close to me for years. I signed up for a class with Kristin and immediately fell in love. Even though I had practiced Pilates on and off over the years, I had never used a reformer. It was a whole new challenge and level of exercise and I loved it.
    I love the reformer because I can actually feel my core engaging while doing the moves. Each week there are different moves that challenge me and strengthen me in a way that my weightlifting and pump classes can’t. Kristin is very focused on breathing correctly and slow movement and I have noticed that by doing this, I am able to use these techniques in other exercises and classes that I take as well. The tightness in my shoulders and neck has loosened because I am more focused on each muscle and using it correctly and having proper form.

    Mandy C.




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