FEEL better. MOVE better. LIVE better.

Our Bluffdale chiropractic studio can treat several spine and musculoskeletal issues, while our Pilates studio stimulates and strengthens the micro muscles essential for movement, balance, and alignment. 

Our team offers holistic expertise in every area of your health and well-being. At Atomic Pilates & Chiropractic, we respect the connectivities within the body and understand the relationship between the body and mind. Our therapies, treatments, and guidance support responsible healing and an active lifestyle so you can move confidently and pain-free.

Whether you want to improve your sports performance, enhance your nutrition intake, find comfort and strength, or all of those things, we have the solutions for you because we’re different from any chiropractic studio or pilates studio in Salt Lake County. Our attention is on the body as a whole, and that’s how you get those great results. 

You have access to the life you want to live; let us help you gain it. 

Want to learn more? Contact us today and ask about our wellness bundles, or book your free muscle release treatment and see firsthand how we can help you thrive. 

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Reasons Clients Visit Our Bluffdale Holistic Studio

Our energetic, inviting studio offers clients a comprehensive approach to wellness, providing a one-stop shop for natural healthcare. People come to us for full-body support and guidance; whether you want preventative care, to recover from surgery, or to surpass your athletic goals, we know we can be of service. 

There are numerous conditions and symptoms our chiropractic and Pilates team can treat; some include: 

  • Headaches  
  • Back pain and lower back pain  
  • Spinal disc injuries, such as disc herniations
  • Neck pain, stiffness, or loss of range of motion
  • Shoulder pain and injuries, such as rotator cuff injuries and shoulder impingement  
  • Extremity pain, such as leg pain or hand pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Hip pain and injuries
  • Sciatica  
  • Knee pain and injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis and other foot, ankle, and Achilles dysfunctions
  • Loss of range of motion, mobility, or flexibility
  • Muscle weakness and muscle spasms 
  • Tingling, burning, or numbing sensations
  • Dull, radiating, shooting, or sharp pains
  • Chronic pain and acute pain
  • Arthritis
  • Pinched nerves or nerve impingement 
  • Strains, sprains, and inflammation
  • Sports injuries
  • Poor nutrition 
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Body preparation before and after an athletic event 
  • Proactive or preventative care plans
  • Stress and anxiety 
  • And more

Our chiropractic, Pilates, and massage therapies and classes can also benefit those who adhere to habitual poor movement patterns or have been involved in a trauma, such as:  

  • Repetitive activity or overuse, often due to sports, exercise, or occupation
  • Poor sleeping positions
  • Poor posture, ergonomics, workstation setup, lifting technique, gait, and more
  • Improper warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Sedentary behavior (inactivity) 
  • A slip-and-fall accident 
  • A surgery


Whether you have chronic pain that’s been around for months or have just started to notice your discomfort, you don’t have to live with it. We focus on the whole body so you can heal properly and efficiently, better able to defend yourself from injuries, imbalances, and illnesses. 

Let us help nurture your relationship with movement and proper nutrition so you see the results you deserve. 

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Why Come to Our Sports Chiropractor & Bluffdale Pilates Studio for Pain?

The body comprises several intricate and stabilizing structures that allow us to perform even the most remedial tasks. From turning your head to picking up a piece of paper, you’re using muscles, soft tissues, and the spine. 

When these structures lose integrity, they can’t work together as they’re meant to. This will lead to compensation and undue pressure being placed on areas ill-equipped to support it, causing more harm. 

Our job is to promote the natural healing process with services that restore function, remove tension, and strengthen the body. Because these services are so conservative, they can be used on almost anyone. 

We’ve provided our care to clients of all kinds and suffering from all severities of pain and dysfunction. We’ve seen how these clients have improved and become stronger and more active than ever before. 

Visiting our comprehensive Pilates and chiropractic studio  has many benefits, including:

  • Safe, healthy, fast-acting solutions 
  • Decreased pain 
  • Mobility and flexibility improvement 
  • Improved range of motion 
  • Improved joint, soft tissue, and spine health and function 
  • Increased productivity, focus, and performance 
  • Reduced mental stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Lasting pain relief
  • Reduced need for surgery or pain medication 
  • Soft tissue and muscle strengthening 
  • Increased activity level  
  • Preventative and corrective exercises 
  • Nutritional guidance and accountability
  • And more


Our chiropractic services and strength-building Pilates classes naturally support your body, maximizing your healing efforts and restoring your comfort. 

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Healthcare Solutions at Atomic Pilates & Chiropractic

Our healthcare procedure is streamlined and effective. 

First, our Bluffdale chiropractor offers our clients varied chiropractic and holistic treatments, prompting healing and restoration. If the body isn’t fully functioning and giving you the proper level of support, it can hinder every aspect of life. When movement is difficult or impossible, necessary exercise is sacrificed, and your body pays the ultimate price. 

Once your body is restored, we encourage strength building with our certified Pilates instructors, massage with our certified massage therapists, and nutritional guidance with our expert nutrition counselor to ensure you maintain your good results and optimal health. 

Chiropractic Treatments

Dr. Ryan provides chiropractic techniques to enhance movement, balance, and comfort safely and naturally.

Chiropractic adjustments include:


Manual or hands-on adjustments

A quick, controlled thrust to a targeted joint or vertebrae will re-establish proper alignment and movement with fast results.

Graston Technique

A manual therapy that uses special steel tools to manipulate the skin, helping find areas of restriction and increasing blood flow to the area to promote healing.

Muscle release therapy

Applying gentle, consistent pressure to specific points in the soft tissue, muscles are relaxed and realigned, providing comfort and a restored range of motion.

Muscle Activation Technique

A strengthening therapy that finds and corrects muscular imbalances, joint instability, and range of motion limitations.

We also offer numerous other noninvasive chiropractic treatments, such as:

Low-level laser therapy

Our laser therapy treatment is used to repair damaged tissues safely and painlessly and works with precision on our athletic clients and those with chronic pain and conditions, such as arthritis, low back pain, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, and more. 


Soft tissue therapies 

Soft tissue manipulation reduces tension, pressure, and inflammation in affected tissues, allowing you to move safely and without restrictions. 

Kinesiology taping

A thin, flexible piece of tape is placed over compromised areas to encourage protected movement while supporting and stabilizing damaged muscles, joints, and ligaments. 

Corrective and strengthening rehabilitative exercise plans 

These uniquely created plans help you get stronger and move properly. They strengthen the body and provide invaluable flexibility that you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Each plan is based on the patient’s individual needs. 

Sports preparation and rehabilitation 

Sports chiropractic is beneficial whether you’re training for a sporting event or have just completed one. Dr. Ryan will design a sports-related chiropractic plan to help you perform at your peak levels and heal safely so you can return to the activities you enjoy. 

Who knows? Maybe you’ll surpass your goals. Let’s see how far you can go! 

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Pilates Classes

Our Pilates classes are designed to work your muscles, strengthen your core, give you overall balance, and allow your body to support the everyday demands placed on it. 

We have the best Pilates instructors in Bluffdale, each with a distinct skill set and highly specific devotion to care, performance, and the unique benefit for every student. 

Whether you want to improve your flexibility, find a low-impact exercise that propels transformation, or just want a mental, emotional, and physical outlet with like-minded people, our Pilates classes will not disappoint. 

Ask us about our Pilates certification program and become part of the solution!

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Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is a proven complement to chiropractic care treatments and Pilates programs. Our licensed massage therapists offer various massage therapies that focus on balancing the body, reducing muscle tension and soft tissue restriction, and ensuring proper structural support. 

Massage engages the body and the mind, conquering mental and emotional stress that manifests itself physically, often in the neck, shoulders, and hips. The physical response to stress can be painful, and pain can cyclically lead to mental and emotional stress. Break this cycle and allow both body and mind to heal.

From athletes at every age and level to desk-sitters and everyone in between, our massage therapy will help you achieve comfort and physical, mental, and emotional stability. 

Contact us for your therapeutic massage appointment today.

Nutrition Accountability

Our nutrition guidance offers insight and accountability to the Bluffdale community. We know how challenging it can be to get the nutrition you need. When nutrition is lacking, it can wreak havoc on everything from productivity, focus, energy levels, and mood. 

With our guided nutrition support, you’ll learn what you need to enhance your diet so you can live fully, actively, and responsibly. 

Contact us today; let’s improve your nutrition consumption so you can lead the healthiest, most satisfying life possible.

Care for the Body & Mind

We’re ready to prioritize your health, helping you heal and grow so you have the resources to stay active throughout your life. Physical well-being is only as good as mental well-being; they work together to support you at every level. Don’t waste another minute not giving yourself the attention they need. 

Leading a fulfilling life is so close. There’s no more time for discouragement; it’s time to start reaching for those goals, and we’ll do it together. We know our comprehensive care will benefit you, and we’re excited to take on your unique challenges and help you get to the top. 

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What Our Pilates & Chiropractic Clients Have to Say

"The combination of Pilates and chiro right after training saved me from back surgery!  Best chiropractor I have ever met.   100% recommended if you are in pain or looking to improve your health without pills and hospitals."

- Tatiana