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What makes Atomic Pilates & Chiropractic different?

Powerful outcomes of lasting success through Pilates, Chiropractic and Massage.

The Atomic method – A dynamic new approach to total body conditioning. Atoms are small particles that, when combined with others, can create a stronger force. Pilates, Chiropractic and Massage are all beneficial separately, but when combined, can create a powerful force to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Atomic provides an integrated approach to Pilates and Fitness. We not only offer Reformer Pilates group classes, but also 30 minute express classes. Incorporated into both of these, will be kettlebells, HIIT challenges and dynamic movements to keep classes exciting.

The combination of Reformer Pilates, Massage Therapy and Sports Chiropractic is a gamechanger. Strengthening and softening in correct alignment is the recipe for rapid repair and growth. The best news is that it will continue to create positive results throughout your life.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Ryan & Kristin Griffeth Sports Chiropractic & Pilates Instructor In Bluffdale Near Me

Dr. Ryan & Kristin Griffeth

Sports Chiropractic
Pilates and TRX Suspension Training Instructor
Ann Braithwaite Sports Chiropractic & Pilates Studio Manager In Riverton Near Me

Ann Braithwaite

Studio Manager

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