You crave pain-free movement, but a nagging ache just below your kneecap holds you hostage. Stairs are a hurdle, standing up makes you groan, and even sitting isn’t peaceful. Could this be more than just “runner’s knee”?

Enter the pes anserine, a hidden villain lurking in the shadows. We, your sports chiropractic guides, see it all too often – three crucial muscles converging at a pressure point, causing pain and frustration.

Meet the tight, overworked, or inflamed tendons and bursae in the pes anserine. They scream in protest, disrupting your knee’s smooth flexion and leaving you feeling like a rusty hinge.

Imagine pain-free steps, effortless movement, and rediscovering the joy of everyday activities. That’s the life we want to help you reclaim.

We’ll expose the underlying cause with targeted tests, assessing the strength and length of each muscle. Then, we’ll launch our counteroffensive: ice to decrease inflammation, exercises to build resilience, and a personalized plan to avoid aggravating activities.

Don’t let knee pain hold you captive any longer. Schedule your consultation with our Sports Chiropractor, in our Bluffdale, Utah clinic TODAY. Let’s rewrite your pain-free story, one knee extension at a time!

Ryan Griffeth

Ryan Griffeth

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