Dr. Ryan & Kristin Griffeth

Dr. Ryan & Kristin Griffeth Sports Chiropractic & Pilates Instructor In Bluffdale Near Me

Dr Ryan never expected to be where he is today. He grew up working for his cousin as a physical therapy assistant. Then in undergrad, he was planning on going into dental school, and even started working for a dentist. One day after working at the dental office, he read a newspaper article about exercise physiology. At that moment he realized that he needed to do something else. Having always been involved in running and other sporting events, he knew that he wanted to pursue something to help people with exercise and health. After searching and talking with several people, he realized that by combining chiropractic with exercise, he could help people overcome their pain and dysfunction while also helping them live healthier lives.

When Dr. Ryan was running for Utah State University, he was injured and the main treatment options he was given were ice and time off. This means of treatment didn’t really seem to take care of the injury or the root of the problem and he was missing out on his training and time with his team. When he was training for the Boston Marathon in 2018, he was injured and went to several others for help. No one could tell him what was wrong or what to do about it. Through his own research, he was able to find a diagnosis, and treatment for his injury. Because of this, he was able to keep training and doing what he loved. Often we are told to stop doing what we enjoy because of an injury. It has become Dr. Ryan’s mission to keep people moving in a way that their injury allows, so that they don’t miss doing what they love, like he did.

As a Mom of 5 and someone who has dealt with pain from herniated discs in her back, Kristin knows how important it is to be able to function on a daily basis and how exhausting pain can be. Trying to relieve her pain and avoid surgery as long as she could, she has tried multiple means of therapy. All of those things by themselves offered some relief.

The biggest help was combining the sports chiropractic from her husband, along with exercise. Kristin didn’t grow up doing sports or going to the gym, so finding a form of exercise that she would enjoy and continue doing, led her to Pilates.

As a professional trainer, she loves the way that she can use the pilates reformer as a tool to aid in movement. Teaching with creative progressions and modifications, enables her clients to have fun and be challenged in class, and find exercises that are accessible for their own bodies.