Ann Braithwaite

Ann Braithwaite Sports Chiropractic & Pilates Studio Manager In Riverton Near Me

As an avid trail runner/ high intensity workout lover Ann learned what it takes to bring your body to peak performance. Over time Ann started to feel significant wear and tear in her joints from a “Push through the pain/ go big or go home” mentality. Eventually, enough damage brought her to a full stop. After being prescribed drugs and surgery from doctors, she began to seek out professionals in the Physical Therapy and Chiropractic fields where she saw relief and progress, but it just wasn’t enough.

In a life-changing effort to reclaim her mental and physical health Ann began exploring low impact training methods of Reformer Pilates and Yoga and never looked back! She became leaner, stronger and more flexible than she had ever been and felt like she was in the best shape of her life. This rapid change fueled her passion for all things that support self- healing.

As our studio manager, Ann’s dream is to see everyone benefit from this empowering new approach to total body conditioning. She’s here to make sure you have the most beneficial experience possible at Atomic.